Our school already has three decades, and there have been many important events, including:

In 1982 we opened the school with Preschool and E.G.B. stages, at a time of high demand for school places in Alcosa. Up to 1,600 enrolled each course.

Two years later we obtained the concession of the educational concert and the school became a Private Concerted Center.

In 1996, the center, which until then had been run by "Realización de Centros de Enseñanza SL", a society in which teachers participated in a minority,
passed into the hands of Thirty Teachers SCA. At Christmas, the adaptation works were carried out in order to fulfill the requirements
demanded by the Educational Administration to be able to impart the ESO stage, that we began in the following course.

In 2001 we made the adaption of the annex building for the transformation, according to rules of Preschool to Early Childhood Education.

From 2002 to 2005 we obtained progressively the authorization to teach Early Childhood Education, the Children's Concert 3 years and the Children's Concert 4 years.

In 2006 we installed air conditioning equipment in Secondary classrooms. During the following year we continued to install equipment in Infant and Primary.

In 2007, we also obtained the award of a special education classroom. From that year, the works of improvement in services around the center are made.

In 2008 the entrance to the main building is remodeled. We also obtain the award of a second Special Education classroom.

Over the years 2,011 and 2,012 works of installation of the shade structure in the main courtyard are made.

In 2.013 we expanded the sports courts under the structure of shade in the courtyard and the flame-retardant painted of this structure.

During the month of March 2020 we bet on renewable energy by installing about 30 plates photovoltaic for the electrical supply of the center, producing around 10Kw / hour.

Continuous improvement works and maintenance work on roofs, entrance access, parking, security systems insatallation, fire prevention equipment,
extension of the basement, adaptation of special education classrooms, improvements in corridors, secretariary area,
installation of Internet-connected Intranet, Wi-Fi , air conditioning, digital blackboards in classrooms ...

A school with tradition, but with the advances of the 21st century.