Dear families:

The new Management Team welcomes you to this course 2021-22.

The members that make it up are:
-Director: Mónica Franco.
-Deputy Director / Head of Studies INF-EPO: Mercedes de los Santos.
-Head of ESO Studies: Clara Castrillo
-Secretary: José Carmona.

We face this path with vertigo but also with great enthusiasm and wanting to continue building the school we want.
We express our gratitude to the people who have formed the previous management teams for their perseverance and dedication.
Especially the previous director, Juan de Dios Cordero. We are many people from this new team who have worked with him in the previous Management Team.

Our Management project aims to continue our trajectory of improving the educational quality of our students,
sustained by more than thirty years of history.
Hence, many families continue to demand our center for their children.

To continue being a reference center in teaching-learning methods and in inclusive education,
it is very necessary to promote skills to face daily life, promoting the pedagogy of effort,
as well as training people who are emotionally intelligent and can function in our society,
with a critical and transforming view of reality.

The involvement of the entire Educational Community (teaching staff, administration and services staff, families and students)
is necessary for our center to be a little better every day.
Educational achievements are the consequence of a work shared by people who,
with enthusiasm and commitment, contribute the best of each one. So we can all feel part and proud of this great project.

For this reason, we encourage you to participate and collaborate in the educational activities that the Center will organize throughout the course,
supporting the work and effort of both the teachers and the Association of Parents and Mothers (AMPA Lope de Vega)
with the hope of continuing creating a “living school”.

We recall the importance of being a model for our children in compliance with regulations
that must be extended to all areas of the center, as well as we want to convey to you the need
for your collaboration and responsibility in the development and compliance with the COVID-19
safety regulations, which we will send you through the official communication channels of the center.

We have already taken two courses conditioned by the pandemic,
but we are confident that little by little we can recover our projects and our usual way of working.
We hope that, together, the course will develop satisfactorily and that we achieve
the primary objective for which we are here: the integral development and well-being
of our students in our great Ldver family.