Erasmus +

Through the support of our Spanish National Agency and the Spanish Service for the internationalization of education we continue with the searching for the opening of our center, strongly supporting us to develop projects of educational quality within the European framework of Erasmus +. Our objectives are training teachers in a project based on CLIL (AICLE) methodology in a KA1 project, and to apply as partners in a primary and secondary KA2 projects with other European countries.

From this new initiative of Erasmus +, and thanks to the support of the agency PCT Cartuja, we have just sealed our relationship with a young Italian entrepreneur who will come to our center in 2017 till june for 6 months to work in projects about illustration, art and pedagogy.

This year we launched as a host center and by 2017 we hope to have 3 young European volunteers who will carry out non-formal educational and creative activities in our center.

Thanks to 3rd Sector International and PCT Cartuja, we had during the months of January to April 2017, 2 scholarship holders from the United Kingdom to develop linguistic and pedagogical practices.